Summer Is Upon Me - 6/23/05
It just occurred to me that I have nothing to do this summer.

Well, not nothing. I still get to work security two nights a week, but besides that, softball on Sundays and beach football on Thursdays, I have 7 days, 5 evenings and 5 late nights a week where I don't have dick to do. And it's not like I do anything at security.

Of course I have nine million writing projects I want to work on, starting with revising our children's musical and sending it off for some contests. But I think I may need some new activities to break up all those long sessions of banging my head against my keyboard. Some ideas I've come up with so far:

  • Write a novel
  • Watch TV (for this I'll need TiVo to help me)
  • Write an SAT prep book
  • Lift weights
  • Learn Latin (not the whole language, just a bunch of the root stuff)
  • Learn to sing
  • Take the GRE
  • Get drunk
My eyes are always bigger than my stomach as far as time commitments go, but we'll see how many of these I can get through before my summer wraps up in mid-August. I've already accomplished one of these things so farů can you guess which one?



I wrote a book!

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