Where in the World Should We Go? Part 1 - 5/12/09
My brothers and I are going on a trip. We need your help to figure out where.

Mark and I (and maybe Alex, if his bosses lays him off like they keep promising him they will) have decided to take a wacky trip next month. Flights are cheap, employment is low, and we're young and stupid enough to go and have a lot of fun someplace completely ridiculous. And everywhere in the world is a possible destination.

Five factors will guide us in our eventual decision:

1) We haven't been there. Over the years, we've chalked up a small-to-medium list of visited countries (and by 'we' I mean mostly Mark, as I don't have any money), and we're looking for somewhere new. This rules out France, China, Japan, Prague, Amsterdam, and central and South Africa.

2) Boring stuff (safety, price).The safety part rules out much of the Middle East, the price part rules out The Moon (which was #1 on my preliminary list), and both parts rule out a fantastic Journey to the Center of the Earth, because Mark can't afford the mad scientist super-drill, and I don't want to get captured and held hostage by mantle-dwelling Crab People again.

3) There's cool stuff to do there. You know, like ziplining down mountains or exploring ancient ruins. This doesn't really rule out anything, except maybe Antarctica, which will be in its winter season in June, prohibiting visitors from doing anything other than freezing to death.

4) Anybody we know there. This is optional, but we found out in Africa many years ago that visiting places is way more fun when you know somebody there who can show you around. Otherwise we would have just stayed in the one hotel in Zimbabwe the whole time.

5) The "Holy shit I can't believe you're going there" factor. Self-explanatory. This rules out most of western Europe, aka White People Europe.

Everything else is fair game.

We're now excepting suggestions (and strong arguments). Email away.



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