Recap - 8/23/05
OK, I've been waiting for pictures of some of this, but I guess they're not going to be available. To hell with it - here's a brief recap of things that have occurred since my return to LA two weeks ago:

- We got new roommates! Noah's and my long and arduous search to find replacements for Kolleen and Brian (moving for the reasons of being closer to school, and being closer to wife, respectively) ended with the discovery of new roommates Jenn and Erin, completing the co-ed cast for Paulina 3. You'll be hearing lots more about them soon. Lots.

- Beer Olympics. Yeah, just what it sounds like. Lots of fun; also, the reason I'm going to stop drinking on Sundays for a while.

- Stripfest '05! What happens when you put 150 twenty-somethings in a house, dressed as strippers, and give them alcohol and pay them to make out with each other? Lots of things, most of which can't be reprinted on this website. I was really hoping to have pictures of this, but I think the FCC would keep me from posting most of the good ones, anyway.

- Our new roommate BBQ. Apparently, I've become some kind of craigslist whore - no less than 6 people I met through the roommate search randomly showed up, a few of them eventually connecting up to live together. God bless friendly people.

I promise, it hasn't just been a beer party since I got back. There's been writing, and working, and other stuff in there too, but who wants to hear about that?

Speaking of bullet lists, here's a couple more song-lyric bullet lists, courtesy of Henderson and Liz back in Chicago:

  • Things we didn't do:
    • Start the fire
    • It's been burning since the world was turning
      • Light it
  • Things we did do:
    • Try to fight it
  • People/Events of Historical Significance in 1949:
    • Harry Truman
    • Doris Day
    • Red China
    • Johnny Ray
    • South Pacific
    • Walter Winchell
    • Joe DiMaggio
  • People/Events of Historical Significance in 1950:
    • Joe McCarthy
    • Richard Nixon
    • Studebaker
    • Television
    • North Korea/South Korea
    • Marilyn Monroe
  • And so on...
  • Things I can't do:

Two more:

Go U Northwestern




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