Costume Ideas - 11/4/05
In a week, I'm headed out to Rhode Island to watch my youngest brother Alex lead his Senior year Brown Football team to a disgusting obliteration of the Dartmouth Pansies. After the game, Team Jury will be attending an 80's party on campus.

In three months, my friend Treem (and others) will be heading to LA to compete in the annual Redondo 5K Run/Walk/Centipede Race. What is a Centipede Race? A 5K race where teams of 6 or more people tether themselves together and run in a pack, with some kind of theme.

What do these two athletic/social events have in common? Other than that they will both inevitably involve alcohol?

They both involve group-themed costumes. And that is where I need the help of you, the reader.

Three Jurys cannot attend an '80's party without a hilarious, three-part costume. So far, 80's-Trifecta ideas include:
- Tony Toni Tone
- Zack, Screech, and AC Slater. Although I'm not sure who would be who
- Three of the Ninja Turtles. Nobody wants to be Leonardo because he's a dork and katana blades would be more likely to cause trouble at a college party than Sais, Nun chucks, or a Bow Staff

Likewise, the six of us (or however many) require an award-winning multi-part costume in which to run the centipede race. Ideas so far include:
- A chain-gang of orange-jumper convicts, complete with sheriffs at each end
- Rock-Paper-Scissors… and then another Rock-Paper-Scissors
- All the Ninja Turtles, plus Splinter and Shredder, or possibly Krang, although running 5K in a giant brain-suit may be difficult while drunk
- A penis with five testicles
- The food chain: People --> Bears --> Smaller Bears --> Trout --> Flies --> Microbes
- A Boron atom (a nucleus with 5 electrons) (Because we're the biggest team of nerds ever)

Send your ideas to Good ideas (or bad ones, if they're funny) will be posted, and you will have the glory or having your idea read by several hundred people, most of whom don't know you.



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