More Costume Ideas - 11/7/05
From my brother Mark:
Centipede race idea: A big pink egg, being chased by a bunch of white-tailed sperm.

From Nick Sender:
80's party idea: The 3 Lawrence brothers, although that may start a fight over who gets to be Joey Lawrence. I mean, who even knows which is Andy or Matthew?
Or: Alex, Skippy, and Nick from Family Ties. Although it could lead to a lot of drunken AAAAaaaaaaas!!! from whoever is Nick.

Ones Treem and I came up with and forgot:
Centipede race idea: A cardboard-box actual train, with an engine and a caboose. We'd all have to carry washing-machine boxes or something, but they could say cool stuff like "Coal" and "Circus Lion" and "Nuclear Arms headed to North Korea" and other stuff that train cars say.
Or: A shish-kebob. Each person is a piece of meat or mushroom or something, connected by a giant skewer.

Only where to get the giant skewer? Perhaps we combine this last idea with Nick's Family Ties one, and have a "Skip-Kebob"?



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