El Cholo (That's Spanish for "THE Cholo") - 11/17/05
When I was at the LA airport Sunday, I saw this restaurant.

Now, I didn't know exactly what the term "Cholo" meant, but I was pretty sure it wasn't a nice word. So I did a little research, and indeed, although Cholo has several definitions, none of them are exactly positive. These include a Mexican gangster, a simple-minded peasant, a Mexican-American low-life, or, at the very best, a half-breed.

Maybe there's an idiom translation I'm missing, but why name your restaurant after a term most people would use only to insult someone? That's like naming your place Gringo's Steakhouse, or Johnny Reb's, which actually is a restaurant where I ate a couple weeks ago. It wasn't half bad.

Maybe they were being purposely self-effacing. Still, if it was a joke, I missed it, and I didn't eat there either. Instead I enjoyed my LAX lunch around the corner at El Honkey's Bar & Grill. I guess I just wasn't feeling the Mexican.



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