PBR - 11/18/05
The fourth most popular beer at our house is none other than Pabst Blue Ribbon, named best beer at the 1878 Paris World's Fair. That's not why we buy it, though - we get it because occasionally it's the cheapest thing at Von's around the corner from our house.

This brings up an interesting question: whatever happened to the Pabst that didn't win the Blue Ribbon? I have, on occasion, seen Pabst Regular at Vons, sitting lonely next to PBR in the fridge, selling for a somewhat reduced price to compliment its somewhat reduced taste.

But it's nowhere near as common. And probably for good reason, for if one can purchase the Blue Ribbon winner, why settle for Pabst Runner-Up? That's assuming it even placed; maybe the copper-can-with-red-writing wonder can only be referred to as Pabst Also-Ran. Or Pabst Consolation Prize. Or Pabst Participant, which is really the most insulting of all self-esteem building ribbons, that green one you get just for showing up, even if you fall down on the first hundred yards of the 2K race and your mommy has to carry you back to the car. I guess the only thing more demeaning would be Pabst Short Bus.

Apparently Pabst Blue Ribbon used to be a pretty quality beerů at least according to my dad and other people who lived in the 1800's. Still, PSB must suffer from the worst case of interior-brother envy since Milwaukee's Middle-of-the-Pack.



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