Last Chicago Post, Promise - 8/30/05
I can't believe I'm still writing about Chicago. Jesus, that was like three weeks ago.

Actually, there's not much more to say on the subject. All in all, a wonderful time was had, thanks to the gracious hosting skills of Charlie, Verde, Winters and Henderson, three of whom will be out here to accept my return-favor this weekend. Also love to BC, Petey and Dan Golden for allowing me to drink their beer/pass out on their floors. Wow, this sounds like a senior yearbook entry.

One last bizarre observance is this broken Nintendo Verde has in his apartment, which they can only get to work by setting a full can of Old Style on the game cartridge, which I guess applies the exact amount of pressure needed to get the heads to line up right and make the game work. Verde made this discovery through a stroke of random luck as he sat frustrated after fussing with the machine for hours. Apparently Old Style is the only kind of beer that works - perhaps it's the weight, or the kind of metal in the can. But I like to think it's the smooth blend of choice hops and rich, premium barley.

I was actually a little hesitant about going back to Chicago after these two years I've been away. After all, last time I was there it was to break up with a girlfriend and visit a school I felt like I had done nothing to earn the honor of in the year since I'd graduated. But that was then, life is now better than everů and it didn't hurt to visit the Windy City during its funnest time of the year. I've left my Chicago life behind, and there's nothing left for me there now... except for good memories, good friends, and good times.

Oh, and, shout-out to Winters for getting 11/13 points on the Stop or Not a Stop quiz (see his answers - mostly correct - here). His only mistake was that Polk is actually on the blue line. I also fooled myself in the designing of this quiz - forgetting that Sheridan is actually a stop, I thought it would be a good fake one with which to throw all my fellow former Evanstonians, to whom Sheridan is a ubiquitous Chicago term. But turns out it's so ubiquitous that they went ahead and made a stop for it.

Oh, and Winters missed the bonus point, too - there are actually 5 Polaski stops, and only 4 Kedzie stops. That's what happens in a city full of Polish people.



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