Responses to Hair Post; Month Post - 10/23/05
Friend Scott emailed me recently with a couple additions to the stupid barbershop names post. Last time he was in Minnesota (which he proclaims to be the barbershop pun capital of the world), he saw hair cutteries with the names of "United Hairlines" and "Curl Up and Dye". The latter I've heard of; the former is just plain stupid.

Also a reader Claire emailed to shed a little more light on the mystery of month names. She writes:

"…one of my [college] teachers told me that when "they" were deciding on the months, I guess the Romans decided that Julius Ceasar and Augustus were really important and needed months named after them, however, they wanted all the others months to "surround" them, that's why July and August (sort of in the middle of the year) are named July and August after Julius and Augustus, not, Setember and October."

Thank you Claire. There are still a few issues I have with this, though:

First, July looks less like it was named after Julius and more like it was named after someone named Julie.

Second, did they miss the middle? If old Julius and Augustus wanted to be surrounded by the other months, shouldn't they have taken June and July? Maybe the Romans weren't as good at counting as they were at renaming months.

Third, a most annoyingly, this STILL doesn't explain why the rest of the months aren't named for numbers! Julius and Augustus could have had their months right in the middle (mostly) of the year, and still named the rest of them correctly. Just forget September and October, and start with November and December after August. Then finish with Onzember and Dozember or whatever (actually Whatever is starting to sound more and more like a viable month name). But no, everything is misordered, and the only months that have number names are the wrong numbers.

Oh, those Romans… (insert fist-shaking gesture here)



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