Thanksgiving Quintathalon - 11/30/05
With surfing, Thanksgiving and the turkey-smuggling caper behind us by Day 2 of brother Mark's trip to LA, we had no choice but to invent our own fun for his remaining days in town. By the way, I think I really like the word "caper", especially in reference to heisting a turkey in a cooler overnight. Turkey caper. Just has a nice ring to it. Are turkeys good with capers?

This fun took the form of a Friday afternoon Quintathalon, as an excuse to get some exercise, sun, and beer into our systems.

EVENT 1: 10-mile bike

Although Paul was leading for most of the race (and in fact was the only one who knew where they were going), Mark had to ride a girl's bike, and thus got the sympathy points needed to vault him to victory.

EVENT 2: 15-meter dash

Hey, it's not like you can just jump off your bike and be immediately at the ocean.

EVENT 3: Chug 2 beers
WINNER: Our livers

Everybody wins when you're chugging two lukewarm backpack beers on public property in broad daylight.

EVENT 4: Beach Volleyball
WINNER: Two guys we met

Although Mark is extremely tall, his being white, being from Minnesota and having tiny little Tyranosaurus Rex arms made bumping a difficult task for him, and he lost most of the games. Paul, for his part, played OK volleyball, but nearly kicked his toenail off by tripping over his own feet and had to sit out for ten minutes.

EVENT 5: Go in the Ocean
WINNER: The Lifeguard who kicked us out after 3 minutes

As you can see, the waves were so gigantic that only someone who really wanted to drown would try to go swimming on a day like this. We both did, but apparently the 5.0 didn't want to fish our pale bodies out of the freezing water, so she made us come out.


But really, there are no losers when you're making a mockery of Olympic events while running off that Thanksgiving spare tire.



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