Idaho Trip part 1 - 48-State Nostalgia - 8/2/05
I've got a ton of little posts from my trip last week up to Rupert, Idaho for my cousin's wedding, so I'll just start posting each day, writing in the present tense, as if it's actually happening. Sound good? Good.

Tuesday noon I drove north from LA, with nowhere to be until Thursday afternoon to pick my parents up in Salt Lake City. That's a long drive, but certainly not a 48-hour drive, to thus began my mini-roadtrip across the western U.S.

It's amazing how easily I'm able to slip back into the Roadtrip-mentality I developed while driving to all 48 contiguous states in 48 days on my landmark Roadtrip 2 years ago. In fact, it was exactly two-years ago; on this date in 2003 I was somewhere in the eastern Midwest, headed across Ohio on my way to Gettysburg, and New Jersey, the suckling fetus state. On that roadtrip I drove by certain rules, such as staying on small highways as much as possible, swimming in mountain lakes whenever I passed them, and seeing as many small towns as possible. How else to you see signs that say things like "Jesus saves, and you can too at Hinckley hardware!" I also picked up a radio station somewhere southeast of Oakland which had the call-letters 96.5 KOIT. It was a smooth-jazz station station appropriately playing Barry White at the time.

After a great stop-over visit in Berkeley, I now head east Wednesday afternoon to pass out in my car tonight somewhere in central Nevada. My intended destination is the city of Battle Mountain, which sounds like He-Man's home town or something. Hopefully I can find a rest stop so I don't have to sleep outside of a gas station or a day-care center again.

Oh, and here's a mountain lake I swam in tonight on my way over to Nevada.



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My ridiculous quest to roadtrip to all 48 contiguous states in 48 days.
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