The Mysterious Streets of Redondo Beach - 9/27/05
I live on a street called Paulina (I know, ironic considering my name). The next street over is called Maria. The one after that is Lucia. After that come Juanita, Irena, Elena, Francisca and Gertruda. Apparently, I live in Mexican Lady Town.

My friend Mary lives on Carnegie Avenue, in north Redondo Beach, a block over from Rockefeller, Morgan, Grant and Vanderbilt Avenues. Her house is a little nicer than mine: rent's a little steeper in Tycoon Town.

These list-item-named roads are in no way complete. The streets past the high school, going south, are Diamond, Emerald, Opal, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz... but it stops there. No mention of Turquoise, or Quartz. After Topaz comes Avenue A, Avenue B, and so on, all the way up through Avenue F. Then it stops, and switches to streets named random things in Spanish. I guess Hooked-On-Phonics Town is still in development.

I picture a scene where a half-dozen overweight city planners (of the top-hat and monocle variety) sit around a card table playing Scategories. They all have Attention Deficit Disorder. Also, they are very drunk, which is where names like Knob Hill and Gaycrest came from. There's also a street called Voorhees, which I think is when they switched over to drunken Scrabble.

If you have a better theory as to how the Redondo Beach streets got named, I'd love to hear it. Until then, I'm sticking to mine.



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