Student Truck Drivers - 9/26/05
Once, on a road trip, I passed a semi-truck that didn't seem to be carrying any cargo. Instead, the trailer was labeled in big block letter with the words "Student Driver".

I suppose Truck Drivers need to pass their behind-the-wheel, too. It just struck me as interesting.

Trucker Driving Test Objectives
  • #14: Honking your horn on cue of passing kids making arm-pump gesture.

  • #62: Falling asleep at on-ramps.

  • #7: Parallel parking into a 47-foot spot without hitting any cones.

  • #27: Changing sixteen tires in sixteen minutes.

  • #55: Buying porn at truck stops.

  • #100: Masturbating while driving.
OK, I think I've milked that one for any humor it had in it.



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