Three Vignettes About Moving Into a New Home - 12/21/07
Stealing Furniture
When we moved into our new place in September, we had but one couch, and a table. Although milk-crate furniture is both comfortable and trendy, my roommates and I decided that we'd reached places in our lives where we should probably buy some nicer stuff.

"Nicer" stuff, however, is a relative term. After some brief browsing of Craigslist, we realized that you can pay anywhere from $50 to $5000 for a couch. And although our new place deserved something better than the stuffing-vomiting abominations on the $50 endů we don't exactly need to be spending 5 grand on a loveseat. I'd rather save the money and buy a third of a car.

To corroborate my findings, I also dropped by Wicks Furniture, where I learned 2 things: A) indeed, couches cost $5,000 (although there conveniently wasn't a $50 area at Wicks), and B), furniture stores are incredibly easy to steal from. That is, if you happen to have iron gonads and a spare moving van. Unlike most stores, which have front desk areas guarding people from just walking off with stuff, furniture stores usually have at least 100 feet of display before you can even find an employee, and the checkout desk is always in the back. How easy would it be to simply walk in with a buddy, pick up an expensive piece, and cavalierly just haul it out to your waiting Uhaul and drive away with a new Barca Lounger? Maybe they figure if you have the audacity to pull of something like thatů you've earned it.

Unfortunately we did not steal a new furniture set from Wicks - we opted instead for a $350 internet combo (marked down from $1500 - god bless you Craigslist). Which was still probably cheaper than the Uhaul would have been.



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