Two Years in L.A. - 9/15/05
Well, I've officially been in LA for two years. Some things haven't changed:

A) Still writing like crazy
B) Still a security guard
C) Still teaching rich kids how to take the SAT
D) Still have crazy roommates

Some things have changed:

AA) Occasionally getting paid for writing, even if it's just math textbook and SAT guides. About to make a big push to get another agent and make money for things people want to read.
BB) Now just being a security guard for the fun of it, rather than the money.
CC) Now getting mail for
- Paul Jury, CEO (a testament that I'm getting better at C))
- Mr. and Mrs. Brian Saito (a testament that aforementioned roommates are getting better at D))
DD) Now writing too many things in bullet list form

At the beginning of the summer I made a list of some things I was going to do with "all the free time" I though I would have. Yeah, right. Let's see how I'm doing:

1) Write a novel
- Not yet. Still got it in me though.

2) Watch TV
- Check. I want to have your babies, Tivo.

3) Write an SAT prep book
- Check.

4) Lift weights
- Push it! Push it! CHECK!!!

5) Learn Latin
- Did you know that the word "Eulogy" comes from the roots "eu" (good) and "logy" (speech), and that the word "Sophomore" comes from the roots "soph" (wise) and "mor" (fool), to literally mean "Wise fool"? It turns out at the end of my sophomore year in Los Angeles, I was studying etymology, not Latin.

6) Learn to sing
- Just started taking lessons. I'm already a maestro in the shower.

7) Take the GRE
- Almost, taking it in less than a month. Also have decided to take the GMAT, just for the hell of it.

8) Get drunk
- Check. And I mean check.

Year 3, bring it on.



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