Airplane Trail Mix - 10/14/05
I'm currently in Michigan for my college friend Kristian's wedding. First of all, congrats Kristian.

On the airplane here, while taking full advantage of the flight's complimentary budget service, I noticed that I hadn't gotten any snack. Thinking it merely an oversight, I waited patiently until the stewardess returned for a second go-round. Again, no snack. I realize the bag-of-peanuts has long been phased out by many airlines in favor of the more cost-effective bag-of-pretzels, but I didn't get any of the cheap cylindrical pretzel blobs they put in dishes at shitty bars. Nothing.

I spoke up. The stewardess informed me that despite the flight's four-hour duration, there would be no complimentary snack. The only option was, she told me, to buy trail mix for a dollar.

I guess times have been really tough on Northwest Airlines when they can't even fork out for pretzels on cross-country flights. I was really hungry, but being inherently stingy myself, I stared at her calculatingly.

"How MUCH trail mix?" I asked, stroking my chin.

But then it occurred to me that times haven't been nearly has hard on me as they have been on NWA, and I relented.

"You know what?" I reversed. "Nevermind. I'll TAKE that trail mix. I can spare it."

The stewardess looked almost grateful, and she went away with my dollar to get me my trail mix, which, I must admit, came in a satisfactorily large bag. And it had cashews.



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