Hair's Your Post - 10/11/05
A friend Jen and I were involved in a rather tangential discussion yesterday when we came upon the subject of stupidly named Barbershops. Apparently, she gets her hairs trimmed at a place called Hair Is Us, which as near as I can tell is a lazy rip-off of another follicle-snipping joint I've seen called Hair We Are. It occured to us that perhaps as many as 50% of barbershops have such terrible, pun-ridden names as these... including, but not limited to

Barbershop Names I Have Actually Seen:
- Cost Cutters
- Hair We Are
- Hair Is Us
- Hairizons

I'm sure there are more. At least, I hope there are, because otherwise the barbering-industry has left out such potential gems as

Barbershop Names I Wish I Had Seen:
- Barber for pets: The Tortoise and the Hair
- Barber for victims of male-pattern baldness: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Credit to Jen for this one)
- Wedding-day barber: Hair Comes the Bride
- Extra-discount barber: Hair Goes Nothing
- Barbershops offering facials: Hair We Come
- Barbershop sponsored by early 1980's cartoons: Hairbear Stare
- Barbershop were they make inappropriate innuendos at you: Sexual Hairassment
- Use Your Imagination: Hairmaphrodite
- Barbershop/STD Clinic: I Have Hairpes

Yup. Wouldn't want those babies to go to waste.



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