Speaking of Phone Quirks... - 10/10/05
In addition to having T9 word-comprehension problems, my phone also has a voice-activated calling feature that is at times very convenient and at other times very annoying. For example, when I'm driving, I don't have to scroll through numbers or anything - I can just tap a button and say "Call Someone", and then say "Home". The robot-sounding voice with then ask me "Did you say (switching to deeper robot-voice) 'Home'?" Then I just say "Yes", and I'm connected.

Unfortunately, the robot in my phone could benefit from an intensive Hooked-On-Phonics program, because it seems unable to understand or pronounce certain names. For example, it pronounces "Greenspan" as "Greenspun", and "Verde" (VERD-ee) as simply "Verd".

So now I have to mispronounce all my friends' names if I want my phone to call them. And it's started to overlap into my everyday conversations with them. "Hey Gen-yuh (pronounced with a hard "G", instead of "Jenya", as it should be), have you talked to Eye-lana (Ilana) lately?"

At least is pronounces the name of my friend Wesche (WESH-ee) as "Wesh", which is what I call him anyway.



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