T9Word Story - 10/4/05
The theme of this week's posts will be phones.

Anybody out there love text-messaging as an excuse not to talk to people, raise their hands. That's right, all of you. And anybody out there love T9Word, also known as Predictive Text, to make this process quicker and easier? OK, some of you.

Given the way predictive text works, sometimes you come across a word that T9 recognizes as something else, based on the duplicate letter layout. For example, IF always comes out HE. HE you want to type a conditional statement, it's very difficult. Another example is NIGHT coming out MIGHT. I stayed up all MIGHT trying to figure that one out.

I found another one today while I was waiting in line at the store. A rather obscure one, actually, though I still haven't broken the 6-letter barrier... GAMES comes out HANDS. "Damnit, cellphone!" I exclaimed. "Stop playing HANDS with me!"

Just then, former roommate Brian texted me (for foreshadowing purposes, Brian is half-Japanese). As he is an avid T9er himself, I thought I should let him in on my new little discovery. But when I looked up from my flurry of T9ing, I found another interesting discovery, waiting for me on the screen...

"Hey ASIAN, I found something cool that T9 does."



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