The Sign Game - Round 5 (Final Round!) - 12/24/05
For each sign, guess which one I liked the most when I was making them up while bored at security).

1) (A) Exploding tire area
(B) Olympic torch crossing
(C) When throwing rocks at cars, aim for tires
(D) Road-popcorn area
2) (A) Shlong Zone
(B) Watch for warm, wilting candles
(C) Strongmen bending Inanimate Carbon Rods ahead
(D) Sock puppet crossing
3) (A) Death by cross-bow permitted
(B) Beware of fire... made the old-fashioned way
(C) Picket fence still in construction
(D) Cock-piercing parlor
4) (A) Perception test: Merging roads or wine bottle?
(B) Wigwam settlement
(C) Paraplegic stick-people leaning in for a kiss, ahead
(D) Look down: knees and feet
5) (A) Caution: Banana-peel slipping zone
(B) Jewish-Mexican yarmulke-hat dance area
(C) Doing the Running Man allowed in designated areas only
(D) Attach penis here

1) C.
2) D.
3) D.
4) A.
5) B.

Play ROUND 1, 2, 3, and 4,



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