The Sign Game - Round 4 - 12/23/05
For each sign, guess which one I liked the most when I was making them up while bored at security).

1) (A) Calf-stretch area
(B) Awkwardly-positioned public-urination site
(C) Umbilical cord zone
(D) Man shackled to lump of dirt, ahead
2) (A) Penii ahead
(B) Historical landmark: The Inanimate Carbon Rod was here
(C) Giant monster eye, watching you
(D) Your hard-drive has just crashed
3) (A) Trolly carpool lane
(B) Transit car equipped with television reception
(C) This train carrying diamonds
(D) Choo-choo Christmas ornaments ahead
4) (A) Beware of tripping over musical whole-note rests
(B) Mexican hat-dance area
(C) Crude, blocky shapes getting elbow-dropped, ahead
(D) Getting' jiggy wit' it zone
5) Backwards Question!
Which of the following signs
has the definition:

"A personal insult,
directed at you."

1) D.
2) C. Do you see it?
3) C.
4) Four-way tie.
5) A. Although I also kind of like referring to someone as "Icy".

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