The Sign Game - Round 3 - 12/22/05
For each sign, guess which one I liked the most when I was making them up while bored at security).

1) (A) Watch for Dance Dance Revolution players
(B) Barefoot wine-making permitted
(C) Beware small square tar pits
(D) People-plant patch ahead (beware: illiteration)
2) (A) Snood playing zone
(B) Flowers growing out of walls
(C) Porcupine lollypops for sale
(D) Beware the vengeful eye of Ra the Sun God
3) (A) Mogul course
(B) Watch for discarded bras
(C) Beware of melting roadsigns
(D) Headless, tailless snake who just ate the Little Prince and his sheep ahead
4) (A) 5th grade math quiz ahead
(B) Caution: Improper shaded-area estimation
(C) No trying hard
(D) Minimum gratuity zone
5) (A) I choo-choo-choose you
(B) Icky yucky gross polluter
(C) Incomplete train (to ride on very short train track)
(D) Ink blot test ahead

1) A. I feel like this should actually be the meaning of the sign.
2) C. Who wouldn't want to buy a porcupine lollypop?
3) D. C'mon, a Little Prince reference? Points just for obscurity.
4) A.
5) A. Simpsons references always get the nod in games like these.

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