The Sign Game - Round 2 - 12/21/05
For each sign, guess which one I liked the most when I was making them up while bored at security).

1) (A) No tiny houses
(B) Ranger X-ray station
(C) Do not enter or I shall be cross
(D) Only white people allowed in the Whitehouse
2) (A) No motorcycle jumping
(B) Birthplace of Evel Knievel
(C) Free auto-back rides
(D) Very low overpass
3) (A) Curb driving allowed
(B) Automobile diving board ahead
(C) Car stairway
(D) Half-load weight station
4) (A) Human/Tripod relationships permitted
(B) Praying to church steeples allowed
(C) Wait here to cross long, skinny airplane runway
(D) Elegant cigarette holders for sale
5) (A) Retarded children crossing
(B) Retarded children go right
(C) Midget hunting season now open
(D) Go the opposite direction of any further signs

1) C. Just look how cross he is.
2) C.
3) D.
4) A.
5) B, because they're going left

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