The Sign Game - Round 1 - 12/20/05
One of my favorite email games of late is The Sign Game. Invented by friend Jen and myself, this road sign parody game has consumed literally hours of (bored at security) time spent finding stupid road signs, mocking them, and then sending ludicrous emails back and forth. So why not spread the love?

In the original version of the game, you had to guess which was the correct meaning amidst three humorous fake meanings. But then we realized that this version was dumb. Who really cares what the correct meaning is? Why waste the spot when you can think up another stupid fake answer?

And thus, the current rules of the game: for each sign, guess which one I LIKED THE MOST when I was making them up (bored at security). The correct answers are at the bottom (I was too lazy to actually make scripted check-boxes or anything); see how well you do!

1) (A) Very short train track
(B) Do not feed the invisible animals
(C) Now entering Suburbia
(D) Tom Sawyer-esque painting scam ahead
2) (A) Caution: Watered-down porn movie
(B) Yar, treasure ahead, says I
(C) Illiterate bumpkins autographs for sale
(D) Chop this sign down, please
3) (A) Quayside or ferry berth
(B) Bridge outů stupid
(C) Charlie Brown's shirt with a car-shape cut out of the armpit
(D) Good place to drive your Spacemobile into the ocean and collect the insurance money
4) (A) Candy canes for all
(B) Flaccid barbershop
(C) Warning: Do not let retarded children paint road signs
(D) Dolly Parton bra cup stuck in tree, ahead
5) (A) Insult to injury ahead
(B) Caution: Lava rain
(C) Clouds do not stop for drowning people
(D) Paraplegic on bumpy road getting rained on, ahead

1) B. I initially liked the Suburbia knock, but then realized probably nobody would get it but me, and that I technically live in a suburb.
2) D, because, like, why would they make a sign just to chop down the sign? How post-modern.
3) C. A) is actually the real definition of the sign, if you can believe that.
4) C, because none of the other ones are funny.
5) D, obviously, because paraplegics are hilarious.

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