Stuff Nobody Else Would Do - 12/19/05
On Saturday morning, I drove up to Pasadena and took the MENSA qualifying exam. This was after crashing on Sam's couch after a night of partying. I have no idea:

A) How it went. All I remember is that there were lots of weird analogy picture problems ({drawing of a magnet} IS TO {drawing of a nail} AS {drawing of the moon} IS TO {drawing of the tide}) and lots of problems involving coins. There was also a memory test where a dude read us a story and then an hour later we had to answer a bunch of questions about the story.

B) Why I did this. I guess after all the tests I took this week, the MENSA thing was the only other test I could think of. Also, I also might have been thinking that if MENSA were stupid enough to let me in, it would be fun to go to one of their meetings drunk.

I'm going to stop now. My nerd-spree has now reached apocalyptic proportions, and it's starting to scare me. But I think it's finally exhausted; perhaps now I can turn my attention on more important things like finding medical insurance.

After the test, I stopped by the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center and was able to scalp tickets to their 2pm showing of "Cats". Apparently with $29 dollars, you can even scalp tickets to opera. So I watched the show, by myself. The music was good, but has anybody noticed that this play has no plot? Then I played two games of beerpong and went out for Brian's birthday.

When I recapped my day to former-roommate Kolleen, she of course wanted to know what the hell was wrong with me. And I wasn't quite sure. I suppose after randomly driving to Pasadena and taking the MENSA test on a Saturday morning, scalping tickets and going to "Cats" by myself was the only thing I could think of to top it.

But it made me remember one of my primary goals in life: to do as many things as possible that most people would never do. My 26th birthday this past weekend brought to focus a partial list of some things I've done so far...

- Drive to all 48 contiguous states
- Take the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, and MENSA tests... in one week
- Do a marathon and a triathlon
- Have 6 jobs at once
- Start a business

And it's a little early for New Year's stuff, but 2006 will add a few more things to the list...

- Produce a play
- Write a novel
- Bike from LA to Mexico

Maybe it's the birthday thing that's making me all sentimental and life-minded. But whatever motivates me to do more strange-ass shit.

And now I can add Saturday to the list.



I wrote a book!

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