Stripfest Pictures! - 9/9/05
At long last, a couple pictures to show you from Stripfest '05. To recap, Stripfest is an annual party we have in South Bay where everybody dresses as a stripper who hasn't stripped yet (aka guys go as construction workers, cops, firefighters, etc; girls go as french maids, cheerleaders, schoolgirls, etc.) It tends to get fairly debaucherous.

Actually, this picture pretty much sums it up:

Although I also like this picture, where it looks like my arm is mysteriously creeping into frame over Jim's shoulder...

It's actually Mary's hand (Mary was the main organizer of the whole saturnalia). How creepy.

So that's it. No more pictures.

OK, you twisted my arm. Here's a little collage of the chaos that ensued.

Yeah, that's how we roll in South Bay.



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