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Subject: Standardized Test Triathlon (or: How I Broke My Brain)


Regarding the following line in your post:
>I also may have been smoking opium at the time.

This actually does not make sense in the context of being highly motivated or thinking erratically and ambitiously. Opium is an opiate, derived from the same plant (the poppy) as strong narcotics, such as codeine, morphine and heroin (although technically, heroin is a synthetic derived from morphine).

Note something all these drugs have in common: an INHIBITORY effect on productivity. These drugs are used as pain killers in the medical community and for pretty much the same thing in the drug use/abuse community. Smoking opium is a lot like smoking pot. There is no way you would have made it through all those tests while taking breaks to smoke opium (no, you can't shoot it, unless you have a chemical lab and a chemist to boot). You would have fallen asleep or overdosed.

May I suggest you revise your sentence to cite a drug more relevant to the situation ... perhaps something from the amphetamine family. Cocaine would have been perfect. Crack would work too, though I doubt you could have sat through all those tests on crack cocaine. You are too hyper as it is. I think blaming your actions on having inhaled crushed Ritalin repeatedly for a prolonged (>24h) period is your best scapegoat. So, in sum, please learn your drug classifications before you begin so carelessly referencing them. This is where misinformation starts.


P.S. Opium, heroin, codeine, morphine, cocaine, and crack cocaine are all highly addictive substances! Marijuana and Ritalin (methylphenidate) are arguably addictive, and all of these are controlled substances in the United States. The information above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, but nothing is guaranteed to be correct. In NO WAY do I encourage or condone use of any of the above referenced substances.

Well, Johnny would know.



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