Standardized Test Triathlon (or: How I Broke My Brain) - 12/12/05
Yesterday was my birthday, which means Saturday around 11:59pm, I was very much "in the party spirit." And by that I mean I was drunk. It was also our 2nd annual Pop Star/Karaoke party, for which I donned maybe the gnarliest 80's glam-rocker wig you've ever seen, so hopefully I'll have some pictures up in a few days. Unless I suddenly decide I want to run for office someday.

Last week, I did something of which I'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed: the standardized test triathlon. What does this mean? It means that on Tuesday I took the GMAT, on Wednesday I took the LSAT, and on Thursday I took the GRE. Actually, only the GRE was the real test - the other two were merely practice tests - but it was still about ten hours of pretty intense test-taking.

Why would I do such a retarded thing? The reason I'm telling everybody is that since I'm in the test prep business, I need to know as much about the different kinds of tests as possible, and I figured I might as well get them all over with in one fell swoop. But the real reason is that apparently I'm some kind of self-hating masochist who likes weird challenges (as my marathon, triathlon and ultimate beerpong misadventures suggest). I also may have been smoking opium at the time.

By the end of Thursday, my brain was so sore all I could do was drive home and take a nap. Then I got up and tried to drink 1,200 useless vocabulary words out of my head.

I won't go into how the tests went, but I'm hoping to still have a pretty good shot at El Camino Junior College's prestigious Fine-Arts-Entrepreneurial-Lawyer program.



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