More Fun With Pennies - 12/8/05
To answer a couple questions that have been coming in regarding the penny posts, no, I don't think Molly actually found a savings account that yielded 10% interest. Maybe a medium-risk mutual fund. That accepts pennies. And buttons. Like at the Button Bank of America (BBOA).

And true, Jeff, a penny invested at 10% interest wouldn't yield anything close to $17.00 in 30 years, even compounded continuously (not to sound like a huge nerd or anything). Maybe Molly meant a dollar. Personally, I'd rather spend that dollar on 100 gumballs and be happy today.

And yes, Jeremy, your friend Dan should be commended for throwing pennies away just to his civic duty of curbing inflation by taking money out of circulation. I prefer to smoke joints make of fifty-dollar bills, but that's just me. I'm sure if Alan Greenspan were here, he'd shake Dan's hand.



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