Juxtapositions of the Weekend - 2/12/06
JUXTAPOSITION - Function: Noun - Definition: Two or more opposing elements positioned near each other, for a contrasting effect.

EXAMPLE 1: Friday night, as Sam stands in line at the grocery store, behind an adorable nine-year old boy, clutching a single Valentine's rose for his homeroom sweet heart.
"Mommy, will this flower still be OK on Tuesday?"
And Mommy, standing nearby, holding two tallboys of Miller Lite, thus completing their three-item purchase.
"Yeah yeah, it'll be fine."

EXAMPLE 2: Twelve college-educated adults, well-dressed at a fancy wine-party, screaming at the tops of their lungs over a game of flip-cup on a beat-up ping-pong table in a rougish garage. In some cups: Coors light. On others: wine... from a box. After a particularly close match, a victory grind-dance-party breaks out, to Mozart, playing in the background.



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