Superbowl 5K - A Hilarious Exercise in Race-ism - Part 3 - 2/8/06
**CAUTION: This post contains humor which some might consider "racist" perhaps because we are, as it turns out, what some might consider "racist". **

PART 3 - Origin of the Sign
A conversation between Kolleen and me, as we started to make the sign for our American Border costume the day before the race... also, a final indication that we are, in fact, a couple of racists living in LA.

ME: OK, so one side will say "Welcome to USA", and the other side will say "Welcome to Mexico"? Except in Mexican.
KOLLEEN: You mean Spanish?
ME: Whatever. What's the Mexican word for "Welcome"?
KOLLEEN: "Bienvenido"?
ME: Aw, yeah, like "Bienvenido a Miami!"
KOLLEEN: Sad that our comprehension of Spanish is limited to lyrics from Will Smith songs.
ME: How do you spell that?
KOLLEEN: I don't know. I just know the dance.
ME: I don't know either. Do we know anyone who speaks Mexican?
KOLLEEN: We live in LA. I'm sure we can find SOMEONE who speaks Mexican. Er, Spanish.
ME: Well we're going to T-Bell, why don't we just ask them.
KOLLEEN: Isn't that a little racist?
ME: I suppose so. And I guess we want REAL Mexican, anyway. Not cheap, bastardized, Americanized Mexican.



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