Carl's Jr: We're Out of Soft Drinks - 2/2/06
The following is the conversation I had with the Carl's Jr. drive-through order box at about 3:20am last Wednesday:

BOX: Hello, welcome to Carl's Jr., are you ready to order?
ME: Yeah, can I get a Number One? The $6.29 one.
BOX: Yes, but unfortunately we're all out of soft drinks. Would you like Rasberry Tea?
ME: Wait, you're all out of soft drinks?
BOX: Yes sir.
ME: All of them?
BOX: Yes sir.
ME: All kinds of soft drinks.
BOX: Yes sir.
ME: How-- Nevermind. Um, what DO you have to drink then?
BOX: Just Rasberry Tea. In a bottle.
ME: I didn't know Carl's Jr. had Rasberry Tea in a bottle.
BOX: Yes sir, we do.
ME: OK. Um, yuck. Well, then can I get a discount if I just get water?
BOX: Yes sir.
ME: How much of a discount?
BOX: Uh… $6.12.

A pause, as I did the math.
ME: So… a seventeen cent discount.
There was a long pause from the order box. Apparently I was the first person to call him on this all night.
BOX: OK, I'll give you the fries for free.
ME: Thanks, I appreciate that.

Carl's Jr. currently stands somewhere in the middle on my fast-food list, right below Wendy's but right above White Castle (and way above my arch enemy, Jack In The Box). I'm not really sure what this does for it's ranking.



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