Ski Trip - 1/26/06
"$30 per day to park? Fuck that, I'll try my luck with the curb drop-off thing."

"$85 for a snowboard lesson? Fuck that, I'll teach myself. I did it surfing, and only ALMOST killed myself."

"$15 for a cheeseburger and fries? Fuck that, I'll take it. I'm too weak from teaching myself to snowboard to argue."

Thus the summary of our post-Northwestern ski weekend: cheap but fun. We had quite a crowd this year - I think there were 16 of us at one point converging from points as far as LA (me), and Chicago (everybody else). Oh, and I think Heather flew in from New Hampshire or someplace like that.

Anyway, these things are always best done in pictures, so here goes:

Our own pretty picture... ...and our own personal hot tub.
That's actually John on the snowboard, but I spent a lot of time on my knees that weekend. Yeah you heard me. The 900 foot cliff that Treem and Goof tumbled down. I can't do the story justice, so I'm not even going to try.
I'm actually in this one. The "cool thing" this weekend was taking pictures on chair lifts. That and Chuck Norris facts. Chuck Norris never misses a cap. Ever.
Sadly, my Growler of Steamboat cost ten dollars, while Kolb's pitcher of Natty Light only cost four. Proof that college friendships last forever. Also proof that I'm completely incapable of taking a normal picture.

And then I got on a plane and stole Terrell Davis' overhead bin.



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