Car Themed Post #2 - Airport Self-Drop/Ski Trip Prologue - 1/24/06
ME: Hey, this where I go for long-term airport parking, right?
GUY: Yup yup.
ME: How much is it?
GUY: Yup yup, it's $3 per hour, or $30 per day.
ME: What! So I park here until Sunday, it's going to be like $120!?
GUY: Yup yup, yup yup.
ME: Well fuck that! I'm not parking here!
(And I proceeded to gun it in reverse back out onto the departures look, nearly smashing into a shuttle van.)

It's interesting this happened Friday, because an idea had occurred to me earlier as I drove to the airport to embark for Ski Trip:

What would happen if, in a life or death plane-catching situation, you simply drove your car up to the departures area, jumped out, and left it there?

I didn't do this, of course, but what if someone did? I suppose at first the traffic guys would be very confused. Doesn't the owner of that car know that when a traffic cop stares and shuffles his papers menacingly, you're supposed to move? Then I suppose you'd get a ticket - the traffic cops have to use those papers occasionally. After a while, I guess you'd get another, then another, and then eventually somebody would be fed up and tow your car. It would be impounded, and rack up that obnoxious daily fee, until you got back and picked it up.

But what would it be, like a few hundred bucks? If you were only gone for a few days, it's not like the tow fee is going to be thousands of dollars or anything. Especially since it costs a fortune a day to park at the airport anyway… I never thought I'd say this, but suddenly getting impounded doesn't seem so horrible.



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