Car Themed Post #1 - Car vs. Pizza Hut - 1/21/06
I was driving home from tutoring the other day when I saw a car that had crashed into a Pizza Hut. Correction - had crashed THROUGH a Pizza Hut. You know that famous picture of a train in France or somewhere that has gone through the wall of a second-story station and has crashed down into the street below? It was kinda like that, except replace "France" with "Artesia and Hawthorne" and "second story station" with "second-rate pizza restaurant".

There was glass everywhere, and I saw some tables knocked over inside (the car had gone about halfway through the wall, with half still left outside). It's a good thing they didn't hit the salad bar, or it would have been a Ranch-dressing catastrophe. An ambulance was helping a guy out of the car, so I guess no one was hurt, but the question that kept knocking on my brain was HOW? HOW DOES SOMEBODY HIT A PIZZA HUT? It's not like it was right in the middle of the street or anything. I guess the guy lost control of a car, but to hit a building that's like 20 feet from the curb, you really need a motive. And since they phased out the Big Foot pizza like ten years ago, I can't think of anything that would make somebody want to go to Pizza Hut that bad.



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