It's Called a "Decanter" - 1/10/06
Thanks to Seann, Scott, Pat and Brian for quickly solving our drinking bottle problem. All are hereby awarded my patented "Genius of the Month (TM)" award. Or else the patented "Knows Suspiciously Much About Drinking Paraphenelia" award.

Scooter and Erin were both very close with CANTER, although this term better applies to either a horse-walk similar to a trot, or a religious singer (or as Brian put it “the Jewish guy who leads the singing portions of the services at my Grandma’s temple. Not so easy on the eyes, but he has a nice voice.”).

It's actually a DECANTER, a bottle meant for storing and oxidizing wine and other distilled beverages. The one I have is supposedly a “whiskey decanter,” although how a glass bottle might be specifically designed to hold whiskey as opposed to other kinds of liquor, I'm not quite sure.

Next up, we discover the name for those funny bumps on plaster ceilings!



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