Genius of the MonthTM Award - February - 2/26/06
Alright, math wizzes, here're your latest change to attain the coveted "Genius of the MonthTM" award. Those of you who love it when I post math challenges, enjoy. Those of you who hate it when I write about math, too goddamn bad.

A while ago I came across the following imaginary number problem in an Algebra 2 textbook:

The trouble is, there seem to be two different answers, depending on how you do the problem.

Which is correct? Are they same answer? Does this have anything to do with "complex conjugates"?

First one to email me with a correct (and good) explanation wins. Anybody who hates me right now for bringing up "complex conjugates", feel free to scroll down to funnier and non-math-based posts. I hear there are some good, vaguely racist ones about 5Ks and copy machines and such.



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