Casting Call - 3/13/06
So apologies I haven't been posting as much recently; I've been terribly busy trying to be a play producer and teaching rich kids how to take the SAT. No excuse though - I'm going to get back on the ball. I mean, even my brother Alex yelled at me for not posting (and leaving a non-funny post up for like 6 days), and he barely ever reads the site.

So speaking of play productions, my and Sam's big project recently has been the production of two plays I co-wrote, going up in Santa Monica in May. Check them out at

As one of my duties as Play Producer, I have been forced to play the role of Casting Director for our auditions next Saturday. Given our minimal budget, this means posting intriguing calls on casting websites for (albeit fun) parts that don't pay much besides gas money and free booze at the after party.

And yet, if there is one thing you should never underestimate in Los Angeles, it's the prolific presence of actors looking for parts. 8 days ago, I posted the plays on a popular casting website. 7.5 days ago, I had received 200 headshots and resumes. Particularly popular, in our play "The Evolution of Professor Monkey", which is about an absent-minded Scientist who DEvolves into a Monkey, was the part of the Scientist's bright but cynical assistant, meant for an 18-30 year old female with some comedic ability who doesn't have to sing or be a model. Maybe it's something about "18-30 year old female", or "doesn't have to be a model", but we've had 240 actresses inquire so far... just for this ONE part.

Now, I'm just a humble midwestern boy who's never produced a play before. And suddenly my Inbox is flooded with headshots of hot actresses, some of whom ARE models. I don't even know what to do. And before I get any inappropriate suggestions from you readers out there, I AM going to try and keep things on the up-and-up.

I just feel like somebody upstairs is toying with me.



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