My Brother Alex's Response... - 3/23/06
to my Percentile Post

Dear Paul,

First off I am hurt at your comment that I hardly ever read your website. I am, I'm sure, one of your many faithful readers. If this were not the case, how would I have noticed that you had not updated in a while. Second, I feel you did yourself a disservice in your rankings of things your good at. Just off the top of my head you missed:

Being a huge donkey 89%
Receiving "man love" 96%
Deep Throating 79%
Hooking up with 35 year olds 82%
Smelling like armpits and old bus sets 99%

I know you wanted to make it a pretty balanced list so you omitted some of the things you're the best at, but I feel you don't give yourself enough credit.

Your faithful reader and supportive brother,


Now I'm the one who's hurt - she was only 34. And there have got to be more than 4 out of 100 people that are better than me at receiving "man love".



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