Are You Smarter Than Vince Young? - 3/27/06
This is old news, but old roomy Brian insisted I print it anyway. Also, it's quite consistent with my generally running about 2-3 weeks behind current events.

Every year, the NFL administers an intelligence test called the Wonderlic to test the mental adaptability of potential draftees and new players. It's a 12-minute multiple choice exam whose questions rate anywhere from insultingly easy to somewhat challenging. The trick is that you have to answer 50 questions in 12 minutes.

Now, nobody accuses NFL players of being exceptionally bright, and occasionally the questions are actually kind of tough, but some of the reported scores are just downright sad. Texas Longhorn and Heisman candidate Vince Young was rumored to have scored a 6 out of 50 when he took the test. He actually scored a 16, but that still doesn't take him much past short-bus level. Especially when some of the questions are like "If rope costs $.10 a foot, how many feet can you buy for sixty cents?"

Here is the link to a short version of the test (despite my test-prep connections, I couldn't get a full version). They say give yourself 5 minutes, but by my calculations you should only get 3.6 minutes (3 minutes, 36 seconds) in proportion to how many questions you're doing.

In either case, I've reprinted below the scores of several famous (and not so famous) NFL players and draftees, mostly quarterbacks, so you can see who you're smarter than. Just take your score out of 15 and multiply it by 10/3 to get your estimated Wonderlic score. Then email me your score and I'll put you on the list (you get to choose your position/profession). I'll also see if I can get you a meeting with a sports agent. If you're not smart enough to multiply by 10/3 or use email, just put yourself at Vince Young level.

Wonderlic Scores of NFL Players/Draftees
Pat McInally, punter 50
Mike Mamula, defensive end 49
Kevin Curtis, wide receiver 48
Alex Smith, quarterback 40
Brian Griese, quarterback 39
Eli Manning, quarterback 39
Ryan Fitzpatrick, quarterback 38
Akili Smith, quarterback 37 (suspected of cheating; scored 15 on first attempt)
Matt Leinart, quarterback 35
Tom Brady, quarterback 33
Steve Young, quarterback 33
John Elway, quarterback 30
Troy Aikman, quarterback 29
Peyton Manning, quarterback 28
Ryan Leaf, quarterback 27
Major Applewhite, quarterback 26
Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback 25
Hugh Millen, quarterback 24
David Carr, quarterback 24
Brett Favre, quarterback 22
Chris Simms, quarterback 22
Michael Vick, quarterback 20
Vinny Testaverde, quarterback 18
Antwaan Randle El, wide receiver (former college quarterback) 17
Aaron Brooks, quarterback 16
Dan Marino, quarterback 16
Vince Young, quarterback 16 (erroneously reported to have scored a 6 at first)
Randall Cunningham, quarterback 15
Donovan McNabb, quarterback 12
Marcus Vick, quarterback 11
Jeff George, quarterback 10
Sebastian Janikowski, placekicker 9



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