Awesomely Strange Google Trends - Follow-Up - 5/7/09
I've been getting a bunch of emails from helpful people offering their hypotheses on some of the funny/inexplicable Google Trends I wrote about on Monday. Leave it to the internet to help solve some of the internet's deepest mysteries.

Re: #9 Cincinatti Bowtie, reader GARRETT writes:

"I was (re)watching the 40 Year-Old Virgin the other day and this term is used in there when one of Steve Carrell's coworkers (the old ?muslim? guy) is talking to him about better things in life than sex. I am guessing that the movie came out around the time of the spike on Google Trends."

Re: #3 Bush Baby, reader PIERRE (corroborated by reader Alex) writes:

"I love your post, it was great. Some of those are really weird, but I think I can explain the Bush baby. Simon Cowell made fun of a contestant in Jan of 2007, saying he looked like a bush baby. That probably was enough to spark the search storm."

Re: #10 Monster Pig, I got curious and did a little research of my own...

…and found this sucker, shot by some kid, amazingly with what appears to be some kind of handgun, in May 2007.

Re: #1 Anal Fisting, reader JOHN writes:

"Looking at #1 on your top ten, anal fisting. January 2006 marks Howard Stern's move to Sirius Satellite Radio. When he made the move he had several shows on sex toys and such, especially towards the beginning."

This might explain the Dildo/Vibrator thing. As for the Brokeback Mountain connection, however… I still have no idea. I haven't seen the movie, but I don't think they had battery operated sex toys in the old west.

Dildo, Vibrator, Brokeback Mountain



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