Easter in New York - 4/19/06
This weekend I spent Easter in Brooklyn with my brothers. I was the last to arrive at Mark's apartment from the airport, and it took about 45 seconds after walking in the door for malt liquor to touch my lips. Which was also how long it took the brothers and I to complete our ritual "40 challenge", which involves the three of us relaying a bottle of Olde English to see how fast we can down it. Everyone watching was very impressed - I don't think you can pour out a faster much faster that 45 seconds.

The rest of the weekend went pretty much as expected - games of basketball, Risk and karaoke, intermingled with, of course, more malt liquor. We also counter-balanced the low-culture nature of our beverage choices with a high-culture trip to the Darwin exhibit at the Natural History museum - which was terrific - followed by a plunge right back again with a viewing of "Scary Movie 4" - which was terrible.

But certainly the most memorable moment of the trip was our first-ever Easter Morning Jury Brothers Easter Beer Can Hunt. When we were little, Mama and Papa Jury would help us celebrate the rising of Jesus by hiding chocolate treats all over the house for us to search for and fill our baskets and then our tummies. What this had to do with the rising of Jesus, we were never quite sure, but we sure liked all the chocolate. The best part was that, somewhere around the house, we each had an Easter basket hidden, containing a veritable feast of treats and sometimes other presents, as if we weren't hopped up on sugar enough already.

Those days have past, but we decide to bring the spirit of Easter this year with a new kind of hunt, this time featuring our new favorite treat, beer! Unfortunately we were all too hungover from the previous night to actually want to drink more beer, so mostly we used empty cans (of which there were a lot). But I also hid a few candy bars around for my little brothers, as well as one full beer, for the finder to quench his appetite with after a good hunt. After that, we painted the cans like Easter Eggs.

Words can't really do it justice, so how about a picture gallery? Oh boy! Click on either of the picture below to get there.



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