Not Normal - 4/25/06
This is not normal:

This is even less normal:

And yet this is what the sprinklers outside my house do, every morning, from about 1:34 to about 1:53am.

Somebody must have kicked off the regulating device that spreads the water into a fine, irrigating mist, or a kid rode his skateboard over it, or we somehow broke it during our various drunken larks. But whatever the cause, the result is these Yellowstone-worthy geysers that waste about 80 gallons of water every night, and is slowly eroding away the middle of our yard.

I suppose I should do something about it, like call the city or something, but it's not really my responsibility. Then again, I'm probably the only one regularly awake in my neighborhood from 1:34 to 1:53am.

I'll probably get to it eventually - nobody likes to see 80 gallons of water wasted a night, especially from a geyser than nobody's awake to appreciate. But right now it's like 500th on my priority list.



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