Cat Lipstick - 4/29/06
This is how Sam and I spend our Friday night:

How did you spend yours?

One of the plays we're producing (opening in two weeks from today!) requires us to make several large, ridiculous posters of cats, wearing lipstick. Why? It's really better not to ask. Just come see the show and it will all make sense.

This needed to be done, and since Sam and I A) Love Photoshop, B) Think cats wearing lipstick is hilarious, and C) are too busy to do this during a normal time like normal human beings (because obviously normal human beings Photoshop lipstick onto cats), we decided to designate our Friday night to this activity. Hell, Sam's got a girlfriend and all the Hermosa bars are getting old - what else were we going to do?

Actually, it turned out to be a pretty memorable night. I don't think I've ever put lipstick on anything before, to say nothing of cats in a computer program, but I must say by the end, I think we really got the hang of it. If cats even have lips, which we're pretty sure they don't.

Also, we were drinking.

In order to choose the perfect cats for the job, we scanned through literally hundreds of cute (and otherwise) cat pictures online. I have to say, there are way too many website out there designated to cats. Finally we chose about 20 semi-finalists, narrowed it down to eight, then had Noah and Angelina come in to help us pick the final four (the cats you see on the screen above did not necessarily make the cut). After a grueling vote, we had our cats, and set to work applying digital feline cosmetics.

I can't show you the final products (they're a surprise for the play), but I can show you some of the cats we DIDN'T pick. Not because they weren't cute, necessarily, although some of them were downright heinous. Some of them just didn't have the proper "look", or the pictures weren't big enough, or you couldn't really see their lips. Not that cats have lips. You can pick YOUR favorite.

I'm not sure what's up with people putting little animal heads on their kittens and photographing them, but I kinda think it's awesome.

There was also this picture of a baby gorilla we found at, which is possibly the cutest website ever.

Seriously. What has happened to my life?



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