4 days... 60 bucks... - 5/6/06
Sam's and my plays open in four days... which explains the freakish amount of work I've been doing that's kept me from posting. Last Monday I stayed up for 28 consecutive hours working on stuff related to play-production or paying for the plays (aka tutoring). The only reason I didn't do the same this Monday is because I stole an hour-and-a-half nap sometime around hour 19.

But it all become worth it on Saturday.

Friday, Production Designer Amanda and I drove all around Los Angeles and Burbank loading huge monkey cages and lab tables into the back of Brian's pickup truck, which he kindly lent to us for the weekend. By the time we were done I'd emptied his gas tank, which started the morning full. It cost $60 to fill up.

We aren't able to pay our actors for the show (low-budget theatre, you know), but we promised to give them all gas stipends. Sam made this observation last week, but why is it that the first time in my life I've ever promised fifteen people gas stipends is when gas jumps up to $3.50 a gallon?



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