Show's Down - 5/22/06
Wow, 7 ways without a post. I must have been producing a play or something.

Saturday night was closing night of our plays, followed by one hell of a cast party at the local English pub. We sold out out four out of the five performances, although there were always people who didn't show, so my parents always had a place to sit.

In short, the shows went great, everybody loved them, I'm now working on a cast recording for the musical and figuring out the futures of the shows, etc. Not much to say on all that - it seems silly to write about the behind-the-scenes details of a performance you probably didn't see - I'll save this space for the funny stuff. And I'll post pictures later in the week. But basically I'm sad the shows are over, but happy that last night I slept for more that five hours for the first time in a month.

One memorable note was that I quadrupled my old record of tab rung up at a bar at the cast party. To thank our cast and crew, Sam and I picked up the check for the celebratory dinner and drinks for about 40 people who joined us at the English pub after the final show. I won't quote exact numbers, but I've never seen a bar tab with that many digits on it. Thankfully I was pretty well lubricated by the time the 18-inch receipt came, so it softened the blow. I also did the classic drunk-guy thing of signing the total line, on the customer copy. Also, in my belligerent haze, on the "Additional Tip?" line of the check (mind you, my half of the 15% automatic gratuity was already over $100) I wrote "No, that's enough."

I don't think the waitress thought it was funny, but whatever, she already got a $200+ tip. I guess there really is money in serving. Certainly more than there is in play production.



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