Play Pics - 5/25/06
Like Sam, I'll probably continue to post random play-related things over the next little bit, since I'm still in withdrawl... For now, here are some pictures from "Barely a Bear", the musical half of our theatrical double feature. Sam has a good display of "The Evolution of Professor Monkey" Pics, so I won't duplicate.

Dad (Nick Eyster) warns the Cub (Beau Hirshfield) of the dangers of the woods... ...while Mother Bear (Shannon Evans) warns the Little Girl (Tracy Mullholland) or the dangers of the... suburbs.
Cub and Girl lament their inability to fit in their mis-matched environments in "Barely a Bear" The parents and the Ranger (Orion Simprini) lay the finishing touches on their woods/suburbs ghost stories in "Over There"
Dad and Cub take shelter from the fearsome-toothed, horrible-clawed, furry-eared bears... somehow unaware that Cub is one. Heroic Ranger contains the beast.
Cub and Girl learn about their new worlds in "Used To Be Used To" The final showdown between bears and humans... unless Cub and Girl can convince to two sides to get along.

Working on the cast recording now, which should be available at the play's website soon!



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