Genius of the Month: Last Names That Are Colors - 5/29/09
OK, random trivia: name five popular last names that are also colors. Check that name the five MOST popular, because popular is a relative term. I'm sure somebody out there name Jenny Mauve, in a whole family of Mauves, is going to try to say that her last name is popular because she knows so many of them. Sorry Jenny. It's not. Also, you're stupid.

No seriously, give it a second. I bet you can think of at least three of them. And no, Colonol Plum from Clue isn't on the list. Neither is B. Orchid from Killer Instinct.

I know, not the craziest colors in the world, but you kind of already knew that. Maybe you need to take it upon yourself and change your last name so you can start spawning children like Johnny Cerelean (who sounds like the's from an action movie set in the future), Scotty Aquamarine (who sounds like a G.I. Joe), and Ricky Fuchsia (who sounds gay).



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