Uhaul - 5/26/06
No doubt Sam will do a better job accounting this incident in a day or two, but I figured give two different takes on it. Our play production was, of course, not without incident from time to time, from an actor dropping out a month before the show, to socially-inadequate theatre managers messing up our tech week by playing a gigantic terrible set right in the middle of our space, to Sam doing nearly $800 worth of damage to the roof of our Uhaul truck by driving it into a low-ceiling parking garage.

They found out - but thankfully, because Sam had accidentally bought the insurance to go with the truck, we only had to pay the $150 deductible instead of the likely $750 repair bill. What I found most interesting about the whole fiasco was two things:

One, within two minutes of Sam driving the truck into a roof-scraping pickle, Uhaul actually called his cell phone and told him someone had called them, reporting his trying to drive the truck into the garage. WHO DOES THIS? Especially since they didn't see the scraping part - just a Uhaul going into a parking garage, where apparently Uhauls are not supposed to go. Who has nothing better to do that sit across the street from a parking structure and call in cars that aren't supposed to enter? How do they even know? How do they even have Uhaul's number? Even if it was written clearly on the side of the trucks, as were instructions to call in the instant a Uhaul tries to enter a garage, WHAT COULD SOMEONE POSSIBLY HAVE TO GAIN FROM TATTLING ON A UHAUL? Uhaul must have their spies everywhere.

Two, the sad part about all of this was that it wasn't really Sam's fault. You know those Clearance: 6'8" bars that hang down near the entrances to ramps? Well the Uhaul had actually cleared that bar... and then somehow was still too tall not to scrape the ceiling like ten feet further on. My question: Um... what exactly was the point of the Clearance Bar? Isn't keeping cars from scraping ceilings the Clearance Bar's SOLE PURPOSE? It's like a parachute with a huge hole in it, or a soundless smoke detector: kind of defeats the whole purpose of the thing even existing. Maybe somebody measured it wrong, but isn't that kind of the thing you double-check when installing a Clearance Bar? Maybe you should like, I dunno, bring a tape measure or something, and not just eyeball it? Kind of makes you lose faith in the reliability of Clearance Bars everywhere. Because that's all Clearance Bars have to go on, really, is faith.

Anyway enough ranting - it ended up fine, even though apparently Uhaul employees ARE trained to check the roofs of the cars you returned. Yeah, apparently somebody clued them in on the quality of the Clearance Bars around town.



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