In my never-ending fascination with my cell phone, I made a new discovery the other day: within the text-messaging function my cell phone has a number of pre-programmed responses you can quickly access and insert into your text message. Most phones have something like this; some phones seem to be more business, with quick-texts like "In a meeting," and "Did you get the memo?" Other phones have a more personal touch, like "Lunch later?" and "I love you." And then, of course, there are the universally useful "What are you doing?" and "Running late - will be there in ___ minutes."

My phone has its own take on things. It includes a few of the basics, like "Thanks" and "What's up?" but then strays into a whole new world of things I'm pretty sure I'd never text anybody. Things like "You've got to be here to enjoy this!" "You're the best!" and "Would you like to join me for a date tonight?"

Does anybody actually text like that? It's like they hacked into a pocket guide to conversational English, except they then ruin it by including "Watcha doing?" I think my personal favorite is the somewhat steamy "If you told me to come over, I would."

Sadly, this is the one quick-text I think I've actually used.

You're the best, phone. Would you like to join me for a date tonight?



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